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about me

Hello, Welcome to my website"           Sakura🌸couture"

My name is Katsura and I am aJapanese musician, passionate about sewing and the traditions of my country.

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My story

I was born in Niigata, very close to the Sea of Japan, I have a twin sister with whom I composed albums and sang in duet.

We grew up together in a family of artists my father was in the cinema at TOHô and my mother was a theater actress ansi than a fashion designer.

I attended primary school in Aoyama, Tokyo, this city is also famous for its appeal to fashion.

I did my high school in Kyoto, majoring in music, a city rich in history, the former capital of feudal Japan.

With the help of my parents and their encouragement I was able to learn music en especially the piano the flute ferry. 

My warmest memories are when I started writing my own songss I felt free as the wind. 

at 20, I left Japan and arrived in France, I entered the Conservatory of Music, and I discovered Parisian life, French culture, its monuments, its great, composers.

But during one of the first music contests I took part in, I couldn't resist playing a solo piece of Japanese flute to celebrate my country.

It was a piece for the transverse flute with the style of shakuhachi, a famous flautist member of the jury suggested this idea to me why don't you specialize in the traditional flute of your country? 

It was so obvious that I had never thought of it.

After that, I became aware of my Japanese identity, and I deepened all the cultural riches of my country, the flute, singing, dancing, crafts such as sewing.

But my awareness could only hatch in France, it's my second country of hearts and it's thanks to. France that I was able to find out who I was.


I feel inhabited by a mission I want to forge links between France and Japan, and to fight the treasures of our crafts. 


一期一会:A meeting, a chance 

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