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Leaf Pattern Design

9GR Japanese Boutique
in Felletin (Creuse, Limousin)

I  present to you Japanese boutique  9GR, which opened in  2021in Felletin, a small town (7km from Aubusson) with  medieval history and culture, located in Creuse,  Limousin presented by  Yukiko Murata, Japanese dancer, origami accessories's creator.

9RG Felletin photo 2
9RG Felletin photo 3
9RG Felletin photo4
9RG Feletin photo5
9RG Felletin photo6
9RG Felletin photo7
9RG Felletin photo 11
9RG Felletin photo9

The articles (Sakura-couture) that I made are also available

in this store.

Japanese shop: 9 Grand Rue 23200 Felletin France Tuesday to Saturday (11 a.m. to 6 p.m.) Tel: +33(0)9 86 22 63 11

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